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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why is Level One Network Making Me Money and Empower Network is Not

Why Level One Network is making me money and empower network is not 

This is the question that I keep asking myself because I have been having a steady stream of leads and sales this week with the level one network. I started the empower network almost 2 years ago and even though im still paying for it I sometimes ask myself why?  At first I really liked the empower network blogging system and they had a great concept. I listened to all the calls and I was so into making this work. I would see all the top guys making $30,000  a month and I couldn't wait to get to that point. The problem is like you, I never reached that point.  Yes, they had some great speakers and the founders are very talented at what they do. There is plenty of people that are still doing very well with the blogging platform but i'm not one of these people. 

Somewhere along the lines I found the level one and at first I was so into empower network that I just figured it was a copy cat. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I was running a co-op with the level one as part of the co-op. I signed up because I didn't want to loose any commissions not having it on my belt. As soon as I signed up I had an order the very first week! Coming from the empower network that did no sales at all I was very excited about this. I soon started to take the basic training and learned so much from it. I then upgraded to their  master training and my business started to pick up. 

What realize is there is method to blogging that was failed to be taught in the empower network. They claim that using strong domain name such as empower will make you get on the first page of google. But this alone will not work . I learned a method that works for first page domination in search engines. I started blogging with the level one and I soon started to rank in search engines on the first page. The results were incredible ! 

Most of us will quit if they don't see results but I never did. I knew enough that these things take time . If you are serious about your business you will follow the training and you can see how it will make a difference . This weekend I received a few sales just from the traffic I'm able to pull from the search engines. Slowly but surely Im seeing empower network clients using the level one network. Every client I have referred can see the difference. 

The bottom line is the level one is a completely different blogging system that focuses on getting first page ranking. For me that is what I always strived for. If I can get more visitors to my site then I can get more sign ups. This is why I choose the level one over the empower network , not because I hate empower network because I don't . They still do some amazing stuff. The only difference is I can use my level one for many other affiliate sites as well. Even though I have been signing up a lot people to level one its good for multi streams of income, When you can rank on the first page of search engines because you have the right formula to do so. 

If you are interested in the empower network check it out its great if you want motivation in your life. But if you want to rank on the first page of search engines and dominate your market to make more money Check out the Level one network here, you will not be disappointed.  

I hope this information was good enough to help you with your decision if you were confused on what network to choose. If you are a newbie you can learn a lot more about the right way to blog and make your blogs stick in search engines. After all whats the point of a blog if you cant get traffic? right? 

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